Hi there reader,

It’s interesting where life takes you, or rather where you take your self. I never pictured myself writing a blog. I was severely shy growing up. I didn’t like expressing my opinions or being the odd one out. I tamed my personality, to the point where I became invisible. As I’ve matured, I’ve come to embrace and celebrate my quirks.

My confidence sky rocketed since becoming a solo backpacker. It reminded me how powerful and control of my life I am. Not knowing anyone, is extremely freeing. We subconsciously label ourselves and put ourselves into boxes, which allows little to no movement. For example: someone might say “I’m into rock I’d never listen to pop” or “I don’t wear colours because I don’t think it suits me.” We need to seriously break this toxic way of thinking and ExPeRiMeNt ! I really recommend travelling because no one knows these “rules” that we’ve set up for ourselves. Start randomly singing in the hostel community kitchen, because that is the type of person you are.

Experimenting with blue and green make up inspired by Medusa

The place you’re in and people you surround yourself by also helps your personal development. Here in Greece, there is a strong anarchist movement. I’m extremely proud of my fellow humans, as they see the bullshit and are rising up. Being an English activist with Extinction rebellion, it’s interesting comparing methods and seeing how governments choose to deal with them. Greek police are completely different to English police *stories of police interaction to come.* Do you think the BBC are going to share what kind of protests are going on in Greece? Of course not! The fat cats in the media want to make sure that the idea of rising up is not spread. They don’t understand that ideas are like seeds, the more you try to push them down, the more they spread.

Bad quality picture. but it says “fight the system”

Surprisingly surrounding yourself with toxic people can also help your personal growth. They actually help you evaluate what you agree and disagree with. Do you know what really grinds my gears about Greek culture? The outright sexism. I didn’t think too much about feminism in England. I’m bored of seeing egotistical men that treat you like a piece of shit because you don’t want to suck their tiny dick. I’m bored of seeing women make excuses for men while tearing each other apart, normally for the approval of men. I’m bored of seeing the feminine energy being pushed down. There’s a lot of questionable attitudes that need to be challenged, which make me realize how important feminism is.

At a time where we have a failing system built on fear; we need to ask big questions. How else are we going to solve this mess?

Whoever you are reading this, I hope it helps you to pause, reflect and question. A thought, to spark a conversation, inspire an idea and ignite projects. Sharing information is vital.


  1. yaagaa says:

    well done girl and don’t stop you aare a great messenger ! im proud of you ! dag

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    1. Haha Ninja is that you?


    2. Sallykershaw says:

      Well done Naomi…lovely mission you are on.

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  2. Florence Merrick says:

    So amazing, I’d love to hear more Naomi! Good for you!!

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  3. Michael says:

    Hi Naomi its your dad here, I am glad that you are finding out about yourself. Lifes lessons can be happy or sad but as long as you are going in the right direction no one can really critcise you, except yourself of course. As you can see the New World Order is well underway and no matter where ou go you will have to face bullshit restrictions. This covid is not about a virus, and strangely it is not about a vaccine. It is all about control and eventual culling of most of the population. As you know me I will not take any of their poisons and hope you think the same. Doyou remember how I would go on about the NWO. Well they are here now and about to implement their final solution. But peace be unto you as a muslim mightand say and I hope we speak soon. Bye for now

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    1. Haha thanks dad what a classic dad thing to say 😂


  4. cogmick24 says:

    Hi Naomi, you have some nice writing on your blog and I think that if you have passion
    like you feel, and you obviously see all the many injustices going on around the world and
    you feel compelled to do something about it. Writing is the best way forward to put what
    you feel into words. Although where to start? well for one reading, as much as you can,
    books, blogs, alternative media as well as the mainstream media (so that you can be informed
    of their bias). Sometimes I have 2 or 3 books on the go at any one time. Both fiction and
    non-fiction, the more you read the more your vocabulary increases as well as getting other points of view and opening up to new ideas and ways of thinking. I have calculated that I have read over 7000 books in my life and the strange thing is the more I know the more I realise how much
    that I don’t know. So keep up the good work and write direct to my email; cogmick@yahoo.co.uk
    I was going to start a blog ‘down with the New World Order’. Myself as all what I talked about
    as I bought you and Joshua up is coming to fruition. Needless to say I will not be taken any of
    their poisons, even though it will mean that I will be eventually be unable to function in their warped society I shall keep resisting until my last breath. So take care of yourself and write
    to me soon.
    lots of love


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