Putting up a Tough Front: Toxic Masculinity, PTSD, and Me

Very new to the blogging world! Never pressed the reblog button before, so not entirely sure what it does! This is a beautifully written post, that explains the term toxic masculinity and how it’s affected his life. I don’t know this person, but I feel incredibly proud of him, for sharing his story and speaking about this issue that soo many choose to avoid.

Order and Anarchy

Footage of me “doing just fine”

The Facebook memory button can be both a blessing and a curse. It can serve up humourous reminders of your past or touching photos, but then other times you can get torn apart by memories you wish you’d forgotten. I had a breakdown the other night after seeing a post I had made about the Royal Military College of Canada. For context, I attended RMC in 2008 after graduating high school and VRd before the end of the school year. I came back home a shell with crippling PTSD, depression, and a hefty bag of prescription drugs. The status was made a few months after I arrived home and was clearly meant to hide my anguish under the guise of “missing” my so-called comrades and my time there. My 19 year old self was screaming for help in that status, but I hid it…

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